My Journey: A bit of background.

So I guess my journey starts with mentioning I am overweight, I have pretty much always been pretty big but in the last while it has gotten out of hand.

Just over a year ago I joined Slimming World with my mum and was able to lose around 3 and a half stone, I then stupidly figured I would be able to go it alone and left the group, pretty much immediately I started putting on weight again and managed to put on the exact amount I had lost.

Last week then my girlfriend suggested we maybe start going to a group that had recently opened up near us, I thought that sounded like a good plan and so we did.

At my first weigh in I weighed 19 stone.  Too much! For my height 11 and a half stone is considered healthy, so this is my goal.

So that is it, my background!


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