Why not give Coke Zero a try.

There are many people who have a sweet tooth and really enjoy Coke.

Unfortunately Coke is pretty bad for you, it is full of sugar and can really affect weight loss if drank any more than as an occasional treat.

The obvious solution is Diet Coke, but many people dislike the taste of it.

People in this situation may have ignored Coke Zero when it hit the scene because surely it would taste just as bad as Diet Coke, if not worse, but many find it far tastier than Diet Coke and it is far better for you than ‘Full Fat’ Coke,  on Slimming World for example it is free.

You can pretty much pick up Coke Zero in any shop – it seems to be the masculine alternative to Diet Coke and has taken off quite well from what I can tell.

Some people also think Pepsi Max is sweeter tasting than Diet Coke, so again, that might be a free alternative you could try.

Me – I am fine as I like Diet Coke and actually prefer it to any other type! 😉

This was actually something mentioned at my group session, so I can’t really claim the kudos for it!


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