Got a Wii? Excercise without even thinking about it!

If you have a Nintendo Wii you have probably long stopped playing one of the first games that you probably got for free – Wii Sports.

If you want to do some working out without working out, fire it up with your family or friends and start playing some tennis, I promise you that an hour will pass before you realise that you are proper tired and your body has had a really good (but gentle) workout.

I think the best way to exercise is to do something that is so fun that you don’t realise you are exercising and for me Wii Sports does that in buckets!

Other games I would recommend are;

  • Wii Fit (this is a bit more of a ‘work out’ work out though, you will feel it more!
  • Zumba – You will feel like an idiot but you will get a really thorough workout.

Are there any other active games you have played?


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