My journey: 3rd weigh in

This week I managed to lose 5lbs, which means another 0.5lbs and I will have lost a stone in a month, which would be lovely!

I didn’t do anything particularly fancy this week in order to do it, a little bit more exercise and I have had the cold which I think has halted my appetite a bit.

Having said that I have been out for food this week, to Wagamama no less! I certainly didn’t have the worst thing on the menu but I did notice my ramen soup glistening (and I am sure it wasn’t glistening with super-free goodness!).

I think it is important to have nights off every once in a while so I am not going to beat myself up about it!

I hope everyone else who is trying to shed a few pounds had a good week too! Please feel free to leave me a comment saying how you got on!


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