Using Smash to Thicken Sauces

I have made a few dishes with passata and found that the sauce I made with it was nice but a little bit watery.

After looking for some tips I found one which works really well, Smash, which is free (unless it is the buttery one which has syns).

All you have to do is sprinkle in enough and keep stirring until your sauce is the desired thickness. I was worried when I first did this that my sauce would taste of potatoes but it didn’t at all.

This is much better than using cornflour or flour — which has syns, or my old favourite roux which is made by cooking butter and flour together, super tasty but full of syns!


4 Comments on “Using Smash to Thicken Sauces”

  1. […] Using Smash to Thicken Sauces […]

    • i currently use smash to thicken oxo cubes to make gravy,[on green & extra easy] but many [ also sw i believe]see this as “tweeking” ie using a food in a different way to its normal purpose & therefore must be synned, what is your opinion on this, would you syn it or not

      • kittysquee says:

        Sorry the reply has taken such a long time. I generally wouldn’t syn this type of thing the reason being that it’s something I’d occasionally do (maybe once a month or less). I don’t think I’d be particularly comfortable doing this on a daily basis as it would decrease the amount of superfree on your plate. I also use Smash for loads of stuff it shouldn’t really be used for, scones, pizzas etc.

  2. i tend to do it once a week on sundays as its the only day i have gravy so i dont syn it, i used to do red on a sunday but do ee because of the mash now

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