Are you counting the right syns?

I have started eating a bit of bread now with my Slimming World diet, normally I don’t have any, opting instead for Alpen Light bars to make up my healthy extra.

The first time I had some slices I knew I had to Syn them, I had already had my healthy extra allowance. I made a pretty fundamental mistake though, I was counting the Syn value of the bread, which for the sake of argument is 5 Syns in total.

But if I normally had bread and Synned out by eating two Alpen Light bars, I would have had 6 Syns (because they are 3 each).

The lesson is that when you are Synning food that would normally be a healthy extra, be sure to Syn the maximum value, not the first one you think of – it could help answer some awkward questions at your next weigh in!


Using Smash to Thicken Sauces

I have made a few dishes with passata and found that the sauce I made with it was nice but a little bit watery.

After looking for some tips I found one which works really well, Smash, which is free (unless it is the buttery one which has syns).

All you have to do is sprinkle in enough and keep stirring until your sauce is the desired thickness. I was worried when I first did this that my sauce would taste of potatoes but it didn’t at all.

This is much better than using cornflour or flour — which has syns, or my old favourite roux which is made by cooking butter and flour together, super tasty but full of syns!

Got a Wii? Excercise without even thinking about it!

If you have a Nintendo Wii you have probably long stopped playing one of the first games that you probably got for free – Wii Sports.

If you want to do some working out without working out, fire it up with your family or friends and start playing some tennis, I promise you that an hour will pass before you realise that you are proper tired and your body has had a really good (but gentle) workout.

I think the best way to exercise is to do something that is so fun that you don’t realise you are exercising and for me Wii Sports does that in buckets!

Other games I would recommend are;

  • Wii Fit (this is a bit more of a ‘work out’ work out though, you will feel it more!
  • Zumba – You will feel like an idiot but you will get a really thorough workout.

Are there any other active games you have played?

Avoid temptation – Buy bacon with the fat cut off.

On the Slimming World diet bacon is free on extra easy, so long as all visible fat is cut off and it is cooked appropriately.

In theory this sounds excellent, grill up as much bacon as you want and just leave the rinds – easy peasy!

But we all know the rinds are one of the more delicious parts of this already delicious meat, so my suggestion is to buy bacon with the rinds already cut off. That way it is never going to be an issue and you can never “forget” to remove them.

Got a craving for energy drinks?

I have to admit one of my (many) weaknesses is energy drinks.  I work as a programmer and do the clichéd think of throwing down as much energy drink as I can whilst typing as many lines of code as I can!

I recently found out that on the Slimming World diet Diet Red Bull is free – I was pretty shocked because I figured that all the caffeine, taurine and everything-else-ine would count as at least as many Sins as Lucozade or other more sugary drinks, but no, because there is no sugar we can have as much as we like. (Of course I wouldn’t recommend packing away as much as an average programmer does!!)

A really welcomed side effect is that I didn’t get as much of a crash as I normally would with the normal Red Bull.  Brilliant!

Why not give Coke Zero a try.

There are many people who have a sweet tooth and really enjoy Coke.

Unfortunately Coke is pretty bad for you, it is full of sugar and can really affect weight loss if drank any more than as an occasional treat.

The obvious solution is Diet Coke, but many people dislike the taste of it.

People in this situation may have ignored Coke Zero when it hit the scene because surely it would taste just as bad as Diet Coke, if not worse, but many find it far tastier than Diet Coke and it is far better for you than ‘Full Fat’ Coke,  on Slimming World for example it is free.

You can pretty much pick up Coke Zero in any shop – it seems to be the masculine alternative to Diet Coke and has taken off quite well from what I can tell.

Some people also think Pepsi Max is sweeter tasting than Diet Coke, so again, that might be a free alternative you could try.

Me – I am fine as I like Diet Coke and actually prefer it to any other type! 😉

This was actually something mentioned at my group session, so I can’t really claim the kudos for it!