My Journey: 5th Weigh In

First of all, this is more than a few days late and there have been no tips posted in a while – sorry about that!

This week I lost 3lbs.

This puts me at 1st 4lbs off in total since I joined, which I am pretty happy about.

My predicted weight loss chart on the Slimming World website projects that I will have lost 10% of my body weight in the next three weeks.  That would be pretty cool.

This month I am also trying to do 30 minutes of exercise a day which apart from making me feel a bit healthier should also speed up the weight loss.


My Journey: 4th Weigh In

Well this week I am delighted for a few reasons;

  • I lost 1.5 lbs
  • I got my Stone Award
  • This site got a shout out!

I could have lost more this week, but I was aiming for half a pound because that would get me the stone award so am happy enough, especially since I managed to squeeze in an Indian and some Japanese during the week.

Last month my girlfriend and I decided to give up drink for a month – neither of us were particularly heavy drinkers, but we wanted to see if we could do it.  I think that helped me lose so much this month.  It will be interesting what happens to my weight loss when I have a couple of drinks now and then.

Next month we have pledged to do 30 minutes of exercise everyday, which should really help (and hopefully counteract any drinking that is done!)

My journey: 3rd weigh in

This week I managed to lose 5lbs, which means another 0.5lbs and I will have lost a stone in a month, which would be lovely!

I didn’t do anything particularly fancy this week in order to do it, a little bit more exercise and I have had the cold which I think has halted my appetite a bit.

Having said that I have been out for food this week, to Wagamama no less! I certainly didn’t have the worst thing on the menu but I did notice my ramen soup glistening (and I am sure it wasn’t glistening with super-free goodness!).

I think it is important to have nights off every once in a while so I am not going to beat myself up about it!

I hope everyone else who is trying to shed a few pounds had a good week too! Please feel free to leave me a comment saying how you got on!

My journey: 2nd weigh in

I am live blogging from the Slimming World hall whilst waiting for image therapy to start.

I only lost 1.5 pound this week which I know is a loss but I know I can do better.

I had fish and chips in the week and a wrap for dinner tonight, which is all fine in the long term but won’t get me closer to my healthy weight.

My Journey: 1st Weigh In

So last night was my first weigh in.

I lost 7lb and got my 1/2 stone award, excellent!

I am very happy, obviously.  I expected to lose a decent amount the first few weeks but to get half a stone in a week was unexpected.

As well as the weigh in, since it is now 12 weeks until Christmas we also had to write down a Christmas wish; mine was to be able to fit into an old shirt I like.  Not sure how many inches I would need to lose for that.

Everyone seems to get on in the group and the consultant is excellent, which is great and a real help.

Hopefully I can keep it up.